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Jekyll. Why?

January 03, 2012

I have recently changed my personal site from using Wordpress to a Jekyll site hosted on Github Pages. As a result, my whole site loads much faster. This will improve my search rankings as well as the experience for my users.

I was ultimately convinced by Henry Mercer’s post, Why I Switched to Jekyll. He talks about the same benefits which I describe above, as well as goes in depth about the system.

In addition to what Henry states, I wanted to start blogging once again. I am generally a busy person, and find myself frequenting text editors more than web page or application GUI’s. This shown by how 95% of anything I write starts in the notes app on my iPhone. Writing this way helps me remove distractions, and provides more focus. When I am writing for the Jekyll engine, I do not have to be bogged down by complex syntax or various GUI’s. I can write my post in a normal format, save it, push it to my git repo, and boom…generated. (On a side note, its pretty cool having a git repo of your posts.) It is dead simple and easy to use!That’s why I chose Jekyll.

I really enjoy typing up a blog post, for once in a very long time. You can expect a lot more posts in the future, because of this!